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     AutoVision 1.1

Thomas Igracki has just released a new version of AutoVision, a screenbar module to display all screen modules when the width of your resolution is greater than the visible width (Autoscroll mode).

If the "left" side of such a screen is visible, some screenbar modules are not visible in the title bar since they are adjusted to the right and therefore (partially) in the invisible area.

AutoVisible.sbar adds an extra blank space (depending on the position of the screen) to the title bar, to have all your sbar modules in the visible area. Well, only if you do not have many modules, they do not fit in the visible area.

After the first start, you will have to move this module completely to the right.

Read the Readme file.
Download Autovisible_1.1.lha.
Visit le site de Thomas Igracki.

comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, March 25 @ 14:21:26 CET (90 reads)
     AnimWebConverter 2.70

AnimWebConverter 2.70 is a program creates by Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin with the last version of Hollywood. It is available for MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x, AmigaOS3.x and Windows and need Hollywood plugins.

A little and easy web tool to convert your old Amiga animations with the anim and yafa formats to web anim, gif and apng formats, change the size of the animations and others extra options.

Available in the next languages: Spanish. English. Italiano. French.

Available on MorphOS Storage.

Visit www.morguesoft.eu.


comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Tuesday, March 21 @ 22:42:06 CET (215 reads)
     Exutil 1.0
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Thursday, March 09 @ 06:19:16 CET (385 reads)
     cURL 7.53.1
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Wednesday, March 08 @ 06:38:44 CET (351 reads)
     Exutil 0.10
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, March 04 @ 13:57:00 CET (308 reads)
     Potrace 1.14
2 comments   Posted by papiosaur on Monday, February 27 @ 06:41:35 CET (427 reads)
     VIM (Vi IMproved) 8.0.363
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Saturday, February 25 @ 14:33:15 CET (144 reads)
     InstantZip 3.0
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Friday, February 24 @ 21:52:13 CET (144 reads)
     New ports by BeWorld
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, February 12 @ 21:16:01 CET (341 reads)
     CookieMaster 1.5.4
comments?   Posted by papiosaur on Sunday, February 12 @ 18:06:17 CET (430 reads)

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